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Benefits to hiring a Google Certified Partner Agency

To become a Google Certified Partner Agency, you are required to have your marketing professionals take and pass a series of complex tests with a qualifying score and your agency must meet a strict set of requirements to gain certification. Once an agency has met these requirements to become a Google Certified Partner Agency, they must maintain those requirements and have their digital marketing specialists take new tests each year to maintain the Google Partners status.

One of the main benefits to working with an agency that is also a Google Certified Partner is that you get to work with a company that has experienced CPC experts on site who are well knowledged and ready to tackle your campaign with the confidence only knowledge and experience can bring. You will also know that the agency will have the necessary tools and ability to handle your account and bring you the results you have been looking for.

Since Google makes their tools easily accessible to the public, everyone who has the desire to do so may set-up an AdWords campaign and runs advertisements. With that said, the “cost-per-click” landscape is not as simple as it may seem. Setting up a cost-per-click campaign may appear relatively easy, but setting up a CPC campaign that converts or that yields positive results, is extremely complex, competitive, and requires the experience of an agency with experienced and certified professionals who have been there and done that when it comes to Adwords advertising.

There are many different types of CPC ads and ways to set them up and there are literally thousands of variations of keywords that you may want to use that may or may not equate to you reaching your ad goals – whether your goals include; phone calls to your business, newsletter subscriptions, or sales from products on your website.

Another great thing about working with an agency that is a Google AdWords Certified Partner is that Google Partners are in constant contact with Google’s representatives and are the first to know about changes to existing AdWords tools, and are the first to get to test out new tools and/or products offered by Google.

Working with a Google Certified Partner Agency will save you both time and money because they are experienced with all of the elements its takes to run a successful AdWords campaign.

Google Certified Partner, 561 Media, can manage your Adwords Campaigns

As Google Certified Partners, 561 Media is ready to start your successful AdWords campaign. Give us a call at 877-932-8326 and speak to one of our highly qualified marketing professionals today!

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