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Monthly Archives: December 2011

I’m off to New York City!

Well, it’s that time of year again! Things start to slow down a little bit, the weather gets a bit cooler and I head off to New York to visit family and friends! This year I am extremely excited because I haven’t been up in so long so it’s going to be great to experience […]

Hello, My Name is Cary and I’m a MW3 ADDICT!!

If you walk into our office at around 6pm chances are it’s going to sound like World War 3 in here. It has become a daily ritual here at 561Media.com to end our day and blow off steam by going online to play Call of Duty – MW3. While I’m certainly not the best in […]

Dear Santa: Please make the Kardashians go away!

I am officially asking that management in our office install an office policy effective immediately to censure all conversation, debate or discussion involving the Kardashians. They’re everywhere and as the illustrious Barbara Walters observed “you’re famous for nothing”. Now it’s reported that despite an annual income of $65 million for America’s most dysfunctional family they […]

561 Media swings for the fences!

Our team here at 561 Media is very proud to continue to sponsor our 2012 Little League team. It’s important for us to give back to the community, and what better way can we show our support than by helping these sluggers continue to enjoy America’s past time. As parents, we feel it’s very important […]

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561 Media Inc Sponsors Highway on Florida’s Turnpike

We at 561Media are concerned about the environment and are dedicated to keeping Florida clean. We have civic pride and a sense of community involvement which encouraged us to become a member of the Sponsor-A-Highway Program. This corporate sponsor program provides the department of transportation with a resource for the cleaning of our highways, the […]

561Media Launch Revolutionary New Website

561Media, Inc., announced today the launching of their newly redesigned website http://www.561Media.com. The revamped site offers potential clients a more comprehensive services overview, consumer-focused structure and navigation, and a significantly enhanced dynamic look. Some of the new offerings available include a bevy of a la carte internet marketing services such as search engine marketing services, […]