561 Media

Custom Logo Design

We at 561 Media understand the power behind a well-conceived logo – We know that an effective logo can tell a company’s entire story. We recognize that a winning logo can:

  • boldly launch an emerging business
  • confidently reinvigorate a company in need of an image re-adjustment and
  • generate customer loyalty.

Let 561 Media’s creative forces capture your company’s essence with a unique custom-designed logo. Our unsurpassed team of artists and branding specialists will take you through a discovery process that will carefully examine your company’s mission, purpose, and corporate identity. It is a process that begins with your voice and valuable input and ends with a successful marketing solution for your company.

Committed to providing your company with a memorable logo that will attract a strong following, the experts at 561 Media share a passion for color, shape, words and text fonts. What results is a company symbol that is distinctly and unmistakably yours. Whether it is simple or elaborate, your logo is guaranteed to be versatile and usable on a variety of platforms – websites, online publications, brochures, business cards, outside and indoor signage and a larger scale, commercial products.

Each company that 561 Media works with receives from between five to eight sample logos. It is up to you to choose. Once a logo selection is made, 561 Media will provide every customer with two revisions on any given logo. 561 Media’s fast turn-around time for edits confirms our super-designer powers! The electronic copy of the logo becomes the property of the client.

To view 561 Media’s logo gallery click here.