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Located in the heart of Broward County, Margate didn’t officially become a town until 1955. Even though Margate is a relative newcomer, the city’s population continues to thrive. Serving as a gateway to Broward Count (hence the name), Margate is poised to continue it’s path of growth and prosperity for a long time to come. With a population of well over 50,000 people, Margate is a hub for business opportunities and budding clientele bases. Owning a business in Margate presents itself with benefits as well as challenges. As the population in South Florida and Margate continues to blossom, more and more residents means more customers, but also more competition. Rising to the top of your competitors is a sure fire way to ensure the success of your business, and keep a leg up on your competition.

By making sure your website’s search engine optimization exceeds that of your competition, you’re giving your business a great chance to help serve it’s purpose as the gateway to your Margate based business. With business owners everywhere struggling to find ways to out do their competitors, it’s tough to know who you can turn to, who you can trust. Just as there are a lot of businesses in Margate, there are a lot of choices when it comes to selecting and hiring a Margate SEO company. There are lots of things to consider, but perhaps most important is their track record. You should be sure to hire a company that has happy clients who are enjoying their first page organic search results. Entrusting your sites SEO is a big step, and an important one. An SEO company that doesn’t know what it’s doing, or worse, uses shady tactics, can permanently damage your sites online reputation and search engine rankings. And once that happens, there’s no coming back.

By hiring a trusted, established and reputable SEO company with experience and testimonials, you can rest assured that they’ll work hard for your website and your business. SEO is an ever changing industry, and it’s important that the company you chose is on top of all the latest mandates from search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. By fully understanding not only search engines and how they work, but your direct competition and the competitive landscape here in South Florida, your SEO firm stands the best chance to help you dominate your local competitors.

561 Media has dominated search engines in South Florida for well over 10 years. Our clients enjoy long term, organic results. We strive for long term relationships with our clients, and that has to be based on results. Our SEO packages are built specifically and uniquely for each client based on their needs, their target keywords, the level of competition and the area they service. Our team sits with each business to learn about what they do, how they do it and how we can best help them experience the level of growth that keeps them a long term 561 Media client. Our business is blessed to be largely referral based, and that only happens with a list of happy clientele. A referral is truly the best compliment, and we’ve built our business on them.

If you’re a Margate based business, trust the pros at 561 Media with your future, and talk to us about how our SEO team is ready to help you take things to the next level. We offer a completely free consultation, and are ready to put a plan together specifically for your business. Call us today at 561-417-8505 to get started!

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