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5 Reasons Your Current SEO Company Fails

It’s no secret that Search Engine Optimization is a profitable marketing approach offered by custom website design and development companies that, when done properly, draws in relevant traffic for your business. But when your business does well, can you really tell if it’s a direct result of your SEO company? Yes, and just the same, you can tell when the company working on optimizing your website does poorly.

Reasons Your SEO Company Fails

They Don’t Provide Information or Reports

Equally as frustrating as it is a red flag, not keeping communication and failing with providing regular reports is a sign that your SEO company is not properly doing their job. As their client, you should receive updates and a monthly report on where your website stands. If they are putting in the work they say they are, then they should have evidence to showcase this.

You Decrease in Rankings

If you notice there is a decrease in your rankings on search engines, then you should absolutely question it. Was something done by your SEO company that impacted this? Was any information removed that previously brought in traffic? Asking these questions and going over the tactic behind any changes is okay to do, especially if you notice a drop in your rankings. There could be a reason for this, such as the rankings were not pertinent to your business so alternative, more specific target keywords were used to draw in appropriate browsers for your business. Or, another reason could be that optimization is in the works and maybe the decrease is temporary. Either way, nobody wants to see a dramatic decrease in search engine rankings – especially when an SEO company is hired to correct and maintain them.

They Don’t Provide Recommendations

An SEO company should be confident with what they do and be prepared to show you some options for site improvement. If you receive no feedback, recommendations, or ideas, then this should get you wondering what they are really doing. When an SEO company is hired, there should be a massive amount of work to do – not necessarily because your site is awful (though it may not be in good shape) but because no matter what, there is always room for improvement. For an SEO company to make no suggestions, it must mean you don’t need them, right? Or at least, that’s what their lack of recommendations can suggest to you.

Your Keywords Are Not Accurate

When your SEO agency switches up keywords with ones that are not pertinent to your business and you rank for them, it’s definitely not good. In fact, even if you don’t rank for them, it’s still not good because that means you have irrelevant keywords clouding up your site, potentially drawing in the wrong group of browsers and relaying inaccurate information about your business on your site. A good SEO company understands that there are specific keywords that need to be targeted for your business, not just random phrases or words that have nothing to do with your business. The idea is to gain the right type of traffic that will be highly responsive to your business, thus drawing in profits.

There’s A Traffic Decrease and No Leads

While a decrease in traffic doesn’t necessarily constitute that your business is doing poorly, having no qualified leads can. Sometimes, an SEO company can make changes that draw in less traffic but the traffic that is coming in ends up being high-quality. This can result in you generating more revenue than the higher traffic because of the quality in the leads. You know that your SEO company is causing your business to suffer when you have a decrease and no leads. What efforts has your SEO company been putting in to draw traffic and what is the reason for the decline with no leads? These are questions you need to raise to your SEO agency when you see results like this.

With all of the SEO companies providing services today, you need to do your research and check current client portfolios to determine where your [potential] SEO company really stands. It’s equally as beneficial for you to know what it looks like when your SEO company is doing a good job as it is to understand the warning signs that your SEO agency is bringing your internet presence and ultimately business down.

As your leading custom website design and SEO company, 561 Media wants you to succeed. We take pride in the fact that we remain in good communication with our clients, highlight the areas of success, and discuss opportunities for further growth. After all, we perform custom work to fulfill the needs of your business because you matter to us.

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