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How SEO Can Benefit Your Business

By now, most businesses have heard of SEO, search engine optimization. But many are still unsure as to what SEO is and how powerful it can be. If you want to drive traffic to your website organically, website SEO is a must-have. If your website’s content is not properly optimized, organic search traffic will not happen.

Out of every online experience, 93% start with a search engine. This means the majority of web traffic is driven by search engines including Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Websites that show up on page one of Google’s search engine results get 91% of the traffic. A benefit no company should ever pass up on. For websites that show up on page two of Google’s search engine results, those sites barely see 5% of this traffic.

Your website’s search rankings are solid proof as to why someone would ever choose a competitor over another business. Google uses close to 200 different factors to determine the ranking of a website. Luckily, you have the most trusted internet marketing agency in Boca Raton FL at your side, 561 Media. We know the key to getting to the top of Google’s search results. And that is with proper SEO.

SEO Services Your Business Needs

SEO for business provides several benefits beyond just increased search engine traffic. For small business owners, SEO will build a strong web presence for your business. A presence that dominates your industry and its competitors.   

561 Media’s SEO Marketing Services will take your business to the next level. Here are a few important benefits that come with having your website SEO optimized by 561 Media.

Search Engine Optimization Advantages

Quality User Experience

A User’s experience is a significant ranking factor in today’s market. This means that your website needs to be structured efficiently in order to increase the time people spend on your site. All the while decreasing the bounce rate ensuring an efficient strategy that generates leads.

Search engines want to know that your website’s user experience is up to par with its industry standards. That means your site must have a mobile-friendly design, excellent user signals, and photo and video integration.

Having higher conversion rates mean more brand loyalty as well as more trust in your business.

Organic Traffic

64% of all website visits are done through Organic Searches. Whenever someone enters a word or phrase into a search engine, that is an organic search. An individual could use several variations of a word or phrase in order to locate a business that satisfies their search needs. That is why organic search remains a critical source of website traffic for many businesses.

SEO Leads VS Outbound Leads

On average, SEO leads result in a 14% close rate. SEO is an organic way for your customers to reach you. When compared to outbound leads, which has you reaching out to your customers, the close rate is an insignificant 1.7%.  

Internet Leads

SEO essentially serves as a sales funnel for qualified leads to your business development team. Quality content that is optimized for search engine queries produces more leads for your business than both outbound marketing and paid media.  

Increased Website Visits & Sales

Nowadays, more and more consumers are using search engines to find local businesses. Google reports that 50% of consumers who perform a local search end up visiting that store that same day. What’s even better is that 18% of all local mobile searches lead to a sale just within a day. Thus, optimizing your website has never been so critical for your business.

Power of Proper Optimization

Ranking on the 2nd or 3rd page of any search result virtually means no search visibility for your website. 71% of clicks happen on page one of all search results. Search engine optimization ensures your business remains on Google’s page one results.  

Increased Brand Credibility

When your website ranks highly, it signals to users that your business is a key player in its industry.

Consumers Research Everything Online

About 81% of consumers research and compare products online they are looking to purchase. For B2B buyers, business to business, that number is as high as 94%. Ranking first on a related search result is crucial for getting people to find your business. Selecting the first few search results is almost second nature for most of us. Maintaining a visibly strong position on the first page of a related search result is an avenue for successful leads.   

With quality SEO, your website will be at the top of Google’s search results. The best place for your customers to easily find you. There is no better way to start your business’s website to the first page of Google than with 561 Media’s SEO services. When you need to improve rankings, site traffic, and brand awareness, we are the internet marketing agency in Boca Raton FL for you. Contact us, 561 Media, at (561)-417-8505 when you are ready to grow your business with SEO in ways you’ve never imagined.

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