561 Media

Custom Social Networks

Looking to build your own Custom Social Network? Not sure what is involved or don’t have the staff and time to make it happen? 561 Media is the company that can make it happen for you.

With our unique combination of business and marketing experience, entrepreneurial spirit, technical expertise, knowledge of latest industry trends and result-driven delivery model we offer progressive end-to-end web application and custom social networking solutions.

The biggest difference with having a custom social network built by 561 Media is that you own the product. Most other web development companies will put you on some type of shared platform or system in which they let you use all the features, but you do not own anything. This includes the source code and most importantly the user data.

With 561 Media you own it all. When we build you your own custom social network we work together to tailor it to your specific needs and goals, and then once completed we deliver all source code and access to all data.

Below is a list of just a few features of the 561 Media social networking engine and platform.

  • User profile creation
  • Photo galleries
  • Video uploads
  • Private (internal) messaging
  • Social interactions such as friend requests.
  • Public and private group creation
  • Site wide search
  • Private and public user wall
  • Public and Private Message board
  • Administration Area
  • Banner / advertisement administration