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6 Excuses You Can’t Afford to make About Marketing Your Business

As a business owner, it probably feels like you have a million things to do when it comes to running your business. From making sure the utility, internet and rent are paid on time to dealing with payroll or sending out invoices, no one said running a business was easy and you probably are nodding your head in agreement as you read this. Of all the things business owners do to keep things running smoothly, marketing sometimes falls in the category of things to save for later. After working with thousands of business owners just like you, I can honestly tell you that that is not an excuse you can afford to make for your business.

After hearing 100s of excuses throughout the years why business owners choose not to invest in marketing, and seeing twice as many business owners happy that they had invested, I wanted to share the 6 excuses you, as a business owner, can not afford to make about marketing your business.

1. We can’t afford marketing…

If you are in business or if you are even thinking about starting a business, you are in a position where you can afford marketing. Many business owners and soon-to-be business owners think of marketing as something only large, multi-million dollar companies can afford. The truth of the matter is, there is a marketing plan that WILL give you results for any budget. Starting at the price of a lunch, you can have a lead generating campaign working for you and your business, bringing in qualified leads and new closed sales. Working in the digital marketing industry as long as I have, I have seen clients with $500, $700 and $1000/mo budgets pull in some major leads and sales, giving them a return on investment 100s of times over.

2. We already have enough customers OR we are too busy!

This is one of my favorite excuses. You hear it all the time, “we don’t need digital marketing, we already have too many customers,” or, “we are just too busy with all of the clients we have we can’t afford to bring on any more.” While this may sound like a very legitimate excuse, the truth usually is that you, as a business, are not too busy and you do not have enough customers. No successful business owner is ever “too busy” or ever has “enough” customers. In the competitive world we live in today, you either are moving forward or falling behind. You may feel comfortable with the number of clients you currently have, and that is great, but if you are not doing anything to bring in new clients your existing ones will eventually drop off or be stolen by one of your competitors who IS marketing.

3. We have existing customers and don’t need to market our business

Similar to the above point, every business needs to market themselves. Even if you have a large and loyal customer base, you still need to market. Marketing can consist of growing your current customer base as well as catering to the needs of your current customer base. I often times tell my clients that your best asset is your existing customers. Whether it be advertising additional products and services to them, or marketing to have them share your services to their friends and family, you are missing out if you are not marketing to your existing customers.

4. Our customers are not on the internet

Unless your customers live on Mars, your customers are on the internet. Regardless of age or location, everyone is using the internet these days to stay in touch with friends and family, research products and services and to just socialize. Beyond just using the internet, your customers are also using social networks including Facebook and Instagram to interact with those close to them. With everyone online, and joining these social networks, it is now easier than ever to target your exact customer based on their demographics, interests and more and to bring them to your site or through your business’s front door!

5. We never needed marketing before and we are fine

This is another popular excuse for not investing in digital marketing and it is easy to understand why. Many businesses, especially those started years ago, have grown without using the internet or digital marketing. That is great, and more props to you, but unfortunately it isn’t the 90s anymore… With all of your potential customers online throughout the day, it can be hard to attract them to your business if you are not. On top of that, the few competitors of yours who are advertising and marketing will reach these customers before you do. How can you bring in new clients if they can’t find you. Things aren’t the way they were before, but think, that’s a good thing!

6. I do not know anything about marketing

This, although not the biggest reason, is by far one of the most felt reasons why businesses don’t invest in digital marketing. Since you do everything for your business yourself, you may have stayed away from digital marketing because you simply don’t know enough about it. You actually are right. If you do not know much about digital marketing, you shouldn’t start running campaigns and spending advertising dollars on your own. With how great marketing can be, if done wrong, it could yield negative results and be a waste of money. That is why there are companies like 561 Media, which come to assist in running your campaigns. All you need to know is your business, we can take care of the marketing side of things.


Although I just highlighted 6 of the more common excuses I hear as to why businesses don’t invest in marketing, there are countless more which business owners make on a daily basis. To sum up my entire point, any excuse to not market your business is an excuse you truly can’t afford to make.

With the evolution of digital marketing, regardless of your budget or company size, you can afford a well executed marketing plan that can transform your business and help it grow to levels you could only imagine before. I am not just saying this… Having worked in the digital marketing space for almost a decade, I have helped countless of businesses just like your achieve true success through digital marketing, regardless of the budget.

If you are done with the excuses and would like to finally take your business to the next level, call 561-417-8505 today to speak with one of 561 Media’s digital marketing specialists and see what we can do for you.

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