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You Know You Have a Good SEO Company When…

While there are many Google searches directed towards reliable ways to tell that your current SEO company is failing you and how to find a good SEO company, there are few searches regarding how you can tell when you have the best team working on your Search Engine Optimization and whether or not they are truly providing you with impactful results. SEO has been a game changer in the marketing industry. This is proven when you have a genuinely dedicated team in charge of your SEO work and you have seen noticeable results with a real benefit to your business due to their work.

Your SEO Company Is On Point When…

There’s Reciprocated Communication

Communication with your SEO company doesn’t necessarily directly benefit you with an increase in consumer traffic and general business growth. However, communication is a key component to lead you on the path to these benefits, which are essentially reasons behind why you would want to turn to an SEO company to begin with. You can tell that the company have selected for SEO work is actually helping your business when they reciprocate your communication.

On the other hand, you should be extremely cautious if you don’t hear from them or receive regular reports. Being able to communicate is such a positive quality in an SEO company because they should be getting back to you – you are their client! A good SEO company will want to ask you for more information about your company and routinely provide you with hard, concrete evidence of actual results because it shows the job is being done. When the work of a good SEO company takes place, you ultimately benefit because of the efforts put in to increase quality online traffic. If no communication is taking place or reports are not being sent out, then how can you trust there is any effect taking place?

Fresh Content is Regularly Put Up

When original, cutting edge content is created and optimized specifically for your company on a schedule, you can trust that your SEO company is putting in the promised effort. It’s important to introduce content with relevant keywords to draw your potential clients to the site. Without an adequate amount of content published, you typically won’t rank well in the search results.

There are other venues that can be taken to achieve this, but genuine organic SEO results prosper from content-rich websites. Then you should take into account if you are receiving content regularly because sometimes having a good amount of content on a website isn’t enough to continue or maintain ranking on Google. Regular content can benefit you because it can introduce new keywords, target different keywords that a competitor introduced, and show that your site is active.

You Rank Well

While generally ranking on search engines isn’t necessarily the specific goal, targeting a particular audience with detailed keywords and ranking with them is. The difference is that you as a business will show up before competitors on a search engine, draw pertinent traffic to your site, and ultimately gain new consumers because of the relevancy. Ranking well with distinct categories is a precursor to generating traffic, and more specifically, appropriate traffic.

There’s a Traffic Increase

Your SEO company is doing well when you notice an increase in organic traffic and it’s non-branded, meaning it’s not people who are not searching for you by your company name. Keep in mind, traffic alone does not guarantee more business, but it is far more likely to produce quality leads. Nonetheless, a traffic increase in general shows that there is great exposure to your business. The ideal SEO company is able to follow tactic to create this raise in organic traffic and when they notice there’s not an increase, they try different approaches to get there.

You Get Leads from Your Traffic

To generate more business, you need leads. In order to get leads, you need exposure, which we just mentioned, but again, it needs to come from the right group of browsers that are interested in your business. If you draw in a group irrelevant to you business, then you are more than likely to not get quality leads. A good SEO company understands this, wants to target your specific audience, and actually gets results by doing so.

You could find an incredibly large amount of SEO companies out there, but when it comes down to it, the best of SEO companies provide the positive results you hope for. It is definitely beneficial for you to learn how to tell if your SEO company is helping your business.

At 561 Media, we dedicate our time and effort as a leading web design and development company to providing you with effective SEO results. We want to you to have a strong internet presence in your targeted field and exceed all of your needs, which is why we carefully create and manage your company website to generate positive results for your business.

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