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Altair Training Solutions…The Only Solution!

Theoretically, you want to rest assured knowing that your local law enforcement organization has been doing their due diligence when it comes to training for crisis response or utilizing new technology to protect themselves and the public.  That goes for the federal military just as well.  Fortunately, the incredible people at Altair Training Solutions have…well…the […]

Tactical Websites getting Double Tapped by

No, we’re not talking about your Call of Duty armory. has built an extensive portfolio in building Custom Tactical Websites over the last few years.  Some of the companies we’ve built custom sites for include; FNH, Diamondback Firearms, 7th Armory, 3 Gun Nation, and other nationally recognized companies. Whether you want to showcase some […] Takes The Online Meal Delivery Industry By Storm

If you haven’t noticed lately, online meal delivery companies are popping up all over the country.  Concurrent with the times, people want processes streamlined; the days seem shorter, and as the economy picks back up, people are much busier.   With that being said, culinary and diet experts are joining forces to offer a service […] Visits Outside The Box Sandwich Co.

Early December of 2014,  561 Media partnered up with Outside the Box Sandwich Company to build them a brand new custom website to help propel them into the new year.  Outside the Box owner, Bobby Piegel, knew that the direction he was taking his company in both the gourmet Food Truck, and high end creative catering […]

What is SEO?

What is search engine optimization? Wow… what a loaded question. If you want the simple, traditional answer, take a look at what the community over at Wikipedia has to say – In the traditional sense, search engine optimization is the practice of using techniques that affect a website’s visibility in search results. In the […]

I’m off to New York City!

Well, it’s that time of year again! Things start to slow down a little bit, the weather gets a bit cooler and I head off to New York to visit family and friends! This year I am extremely excited because I haven’t been up in so long so it’s going to be great to experience […]

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