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Benefits to hiring a Google Certified Partner Agency

To become a Google Certified Partner Agency, you are required to have your marketing professionals take and pass a series of complex tests with a qualifying score and your agency must meet a strict set of requirements to gain certification. Once an agency has met these requirements to become a Google Certified Partner Agency, they […]

Why SEO Works So Well

What Can SEO Do For You Google gets 40,000 Searches per Second… That’s 3.5 Billion searches a day! And no matter what your product or service, if you aren’t ranking on the top page, Then you are missing out on your share of those customers. Good SEO puts you on that top page… Great SEO gets you […]

Why Social Media Marketing is important in 2016

Many times, social media marketing can be the boost that takes your other marketing efforts such as; SEO, pay-per-click, or even an email marketing campaign to the next level.  Just one of the benefits of social media marketing includes the ability to reach people who may not chose to visit your website through SEO or […]

Microsoft Not Supporting Internet Explorer 8, 9 , & 10 after January 12th!

It feels like just yesterday when AOL dominated a majority of cyber communication and web browsing.  Even then, Internet Explorer seemed like a strange secondary product to some.  As AOL seemed to trickle away, Internet Explorer pretty much was the exclusive tool for internet users and their browsing needs. Around 2002, just over 90% of internet […]

WooCommerce Goes 0-10 Million Real Quick

Over the last 10 years or so, there have been a plethora of eCommerce solutions being put out there.  It seemed like for the first 5 years of the recent decade, every new solution was going to be the “next best thing”.  Yahoo really kicked off the millennium with their turn-key solution (which some businesses […]

3 Tips to Land You in Google’s 3-Pack Local Results Box

Big changes have occurred in Google’s highly sought after local results box, as these searches will now return only three results instead of seven, and the top three results will be without contact information.  With these new changes in effect, here are 561 Media’s 3 tips to optimizing your site to fit into the 3-pack […]

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