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Dear Santa: Please make the Kardashians go away!

I am officially asking that management in our office install an office policy effective immediately to censure all conversation, debate or discussion involving the Kardashians. They’re everywhere and as the illustrious Barbara Walters observed “you’re famous for nothing”. Now it’s reported that despite an annual income of $65 million for America’s most dysfunctional family they are employing slave labor to manufacture their clothing line.

I miss the days when fame was preceded by talent and showcasing that talent. Bring back the Osbornes! They were equally annoying however, at least somebody with their last name (this excludes you Bruce Jenner) was famous for something other than…well we all know Kim’s talents. Bring on teletubbies, my little pony, even jerseylicious – but please no more anything Kardashian.

Ryan Seacrest please find another family friend to pedal to the masses. Here’s hoping Santa Clause has more clout than Seacrest.

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