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Hello, My Name is Cary and I’m a MW3 ADDICT!!

If you walk into our office at around 6pm chances are it’s going to sound like World War 3 in here. It has become a daily ritual here at 561Media.com to end our day and blow off steam by going online to play Call of Duty – MW3. While I’m certainly not the best in our office I’m a strong candidate for 2nd place or what we like to refer to as a silver medalist.

When we interview new employees it’s great to watch the expression on their face when we ask them “How’s your call of duty game”? The sad part is we really mean it!! We take going online to play other clans very seriously and if you play like a NOOB chances are you’ll get kicked off the team faster than green grass through a goose. There is seriously nothing funnier than shooting someone right in the face point blank with an RPG and all of the trash talk that goes along with it.

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