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Why Social Media Marketing is important in 2016

Many times, social media marketing can be the boost that takes your other marketing efforts such as; SEO, pay-per-click, or even an email marketing campaign to the next level.  Just one of the benefits of social media marketing includes the ability to reach people who may not chose to visit your website through SEO or PPC ads.  In a nutshell, the main difference between Google and a Social Network like Facebook is; Google knows where you’re located and what you search for (mostly).  Facebook, as we know, knows a lot more than we’d like to think about sometimes.  Advertisers use this to their advantage.

In the past, “paid” social media marketing on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter lacked good measurement and targeting tools- which meant you weren’t able to drill down into your metrics to see whether or not your return on investment was worth the efforts.  Or, you weren’t able to target a very specific demographic or niche group of potential buyers or clients to make it all worth your while.

Today, both Facebook, Twitter and a few other platforms have really “stepped up their game” in the paid ads department.  With Facebook ads you are able to target users with specific interests, in various age groups and even by gender. For example, if you are promoting a product like women’s shoes and you only want to target females you can accomplish this task using Facebook ads.

Social media marketing works well with SEO (search engine optimization) efforts.  Anyone trying to rank using SEO knows that good, quality, content helps you rank in search engines.  If you are experts or familiar with the SEO ranking process as we are here at 561 Media, you know that organic ranking doesn’t happen overnight – this is one of the examples where social media marketing comes into play.

When you post a new article to your website, typically the first people to see it will be users that were already visited your website based on other marketing efforts, from organic search traffic, or they will be return visitors. In the first few days of posting an article, it may not show up in search engines at all. However, if you take that same article, or even be a new product or service, and promote it on your social media platforms, you can attract immediate attention to that new item.

There are many other benefits to a well-tuned social media marketing campaign including an increase in visitors to your website and an increase in revenue in many cases. Combine all these benefits with a well-thought out strategy by one of our experienced Digital Marketing Specialists, and you will be well on your way to online success.

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