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Why SEO Works So Well

What Can SEO Do For You

Google gets 40,000 Searches per Second…

That’s 3.5 Billion searches a day!

And no matter what your product or service, if you aren’t ranking on the top page,

Then you are missing out on your share of those customers.

Good SEO puts you on that top page…

Great SEO gets you that elusive #1 rank and one third of all the searchers that cross your websites path.

What this means…

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key to:

  • Tons of online leads
  • Exponentially more sales
  • Customer conversions
  • Positive reviews

On the bigger picture scale, SE optimization:

  • Turns businesses into brands
  • Builds trust and loyalty
  • Grows bottom line profits

And it can do all of this for one reason.

SEO gives searchers WHAT they want WHEN THEY WANT IT!

It’s not enough to just give people what they want if the timing is wrong and they don’t have the free time or the energy.

Say you sell great a revolutionary cleaning product designed to make a single working mothers life easier by taking some of the house cleaning off her plate.

Easy a sale to a specific demographic. After all, every single working mother wants a great product that will make their life easier.

But if you try and sell her your amazing product:

  • Right after a 12 hour shift
  • Just as she walks through the door
  • When she still has to make dinner for her kids

Or right after the rent and car payments were due…

You are simply NOT going to get that sale.

It’s a matter of timing.

You have to give people WHAT they want WHEN they want it… which is to say, when they are willing to commit financially.

Here’s a good example of why:

Fast food commercials show on TV between 4 and 6 PM.

Because that’s when research shows that people are the most hungry.

Yet this technique is only moderately effective because it depends the potential client being in front of the TV and watching the right channel at the exact moment that the commercial comes on.

And THEN it also depends on that person not having dinner in the oven or a hundred other factors that would prevent them from driving to a local fast food spot.

That is WAY too many ways to lose out on a sale.

Search Engine Marketing is more of a sure thing.

That’s because –

SEO puts products and services people want in front of them WHEN they are hungry…

And when the timing is right.

[As an ode to the classic sales cliche] But wait, there’s more!

The last and final reason that Search Engine Optimization is so ultimately effective:

80% of Google Searches are informational in nature, as people like to use the web to learn facts and figures, research products, read reviews, learn about the details of a service, or just browse the news.

Not only does SEO puts your website in front of them when they are searching for a product or service.

But good SEO adds content to your site that provides free information about subjects related to your business or service to searchers as well.

Providing free, high quality information on a subject of interest is a great way to earn a loyal following of potential leads

PLUS, Google takes notice of these efforts and rewards you by sending more people looking for similar information as well as more of the potential customers willing to make purchases in your field.

The clients and readers find what they are looking for and walk away happy, which makes Google happy with you, which provides a huge supply of leads, sales, and reviews… making you very happy as well!

The SEO cycle becomes a Win-Win-Win…

And every penny invested in optimization becomes an investment in success with an exponentially high ROI.

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