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The 561Media.com Rolling Billboard!

Maybe you recognize it, maybe you don’t.  Between the in-your-face custom wrap, and Tony’s big personality, you will likely want to stop and say hello while you check out the awesome detail of the custom wrap.

What some people don’t realize, is that advertising & growing your business isn’t just about a website, Google AdWords, or Social Media Exposure.  Sometimes you need that “X” factor to set yourself apart from your competition.  That’s why we purchased our van, custom designed the wrap, and had it printed and applied.  Why pay for a billboard in one location, when you can have it drive around for you? It’s a win/win since you’re always getting new exposure.

561Media.com understands how important branding is.  I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve talked to local people, told them I’m with 561Media.com, and they say; “Why does that sound familiar…?”  When I mentioned our custom wrapped van, a light bulb hits, and they make that connection.  Right there is self-built brand equity.  Something like that is invaluable and that’s why 561Media.com is Florida’s Premier Digital Agency.  While encompassing Custom Website Design, Custom Logo Design, Custom Vehicle Wraps, SEO Marketing, Social Media Management, Custom Print and more.  There’s no task to large or too small for the team of superheros here at 561Media.com!

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