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Optimizing Your Investment – Next Step to Success

So you’ve got a clean, beautifully designed, functional website – now what?

Now it’s time to Optimize Your Investment so that your target market can find it, and use it effectively, even if they don’t know it exists yet.

Think about it this way: if you owned a surfboard shop in San Diego called “Surf & Sun”, people who don’t know about you should still be able to find your website by searching for something like surfboard shops in San Diego.  But if your site is not optimized for surfboard shops in San Diego – they probably won’t find it, and it leaves your competitor to reap the rewards of that inbound traffic.  In this day and age information is instant and people’s patience to get that information is getting smaller by the day; outside of making sure the keywords are being targeted, there are many other things that search engines like Google will look for (like website load speed time).

Optimization increases the quantity and quality of traffic to your web property by improving the site’s search engine accessibility.  By doing this you’ll enable Google, Yahoo, Bing and other major search engines to send more Web searchers your way, and by using relevant, researched keywords, you’ll be assured that they’re the right kind of visitors: ones that have the potential to become customers.

Taking it a step further, here are some of the benefits of having an optimized website:

  • They enable the search engines to access more pages within the site.
  • Getting the most ROI
  • Increasing your leads/conversions
  • Drive visitors to pages that are more relevant to their search.
  • Attract visitors from the market you are targeting – not just any visitors.
  • Look professional and complete.
  • They’re more user-friendly.
  • Meet the expectations of visitors who choose not to have graphics download when they are viewing pages.

That being said, thorough search engine optimization does more than just get more traffic to your website—it also ensures that your visitors’ expectations are met when they get there.  A well-optimized site provides visitors with a seamless, professional user experience that enhances your credibility as a business.

Still not convinced?  A recent study reported that when pitted against one another Organic beat Paid Search results 94% of the time.  What this means is that consumers that searched for what they want by using keywords and phrases – maybe simple human nature – clicked through to the sites they found via organic search than with pay-per-click ads or banner ads.  Getting your site optimized for Page 1 rankings has much more clout than the sites paying per click, and consumers can read through the lines a majority of the time.

Next Steps to Optimization

 If you’ve been wondering how to get your website found on Page 1 of Google and growing the amount of traffic to your website, click here to contact a 561 Media representative so we can give your website a thorough assessment and talk about getting you better traffic—not just more traffic.

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