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The best finance websites are designed to to effectively communicate answers to questions a typical website visitor might be having about investing money or financial related matters. If you’re in the financial industry, your financial website should seek to answer those questions quickly, while capitalizing on the opportunity you have with a captive audience. An effective finance website will be able to showcase the services you provide while maximizing the opportunity to convert website visitors into long term clients.

561 Media specializes in the development of highly effective custom websites for companies looking for growth opportunities. A finance website should be a great marketing tool that is working for your business 24 hours a day. We can help you develop a beautiful website that highlights the benefits of using your company and encouraging your website visitors to contact you directly. Let our team here at 561 Media take your financial company website to the next level.

Intercoastal Capital Markets Inc. (member FINRA, MSRB, SIPC), a wholly owned subsidiary of parent company Trifecta Group Holdings LLC, is a registered broker dealer engaged in the wholesale distribution of fixed income securities. Our mission is to offer the most efficient access of all fixed income asset classes to the Dealer, Advisor, and Institutional marketplace.

As we transact in primary and secondary issues, our range of offerings includes Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS), which are similar to bonds but are instead born from the bundling of home loans purchased from the bank that issued the said home loans; Agency Bonds, which are considered one of the safest investments as they carry low risk and allow high liquidity; Municipal Bonds (also referred to as municipals or munis) which are bonds issued by various levels of government, from the state to the county and down to the local municipality level; Certificates of Deposit (CDs), a banking and credit union product offering investors an interest rate premium in exchange for a lump-sum deposit; and Corporate Bonds, which issue from a for-profit company to raise funds.

Exchanging your future structured settlement payment is NEVER an easy decision. You are here because it may be the best option you have to get the cash you need now. That’s why we take the value of your payments VERY SERIOUSLY!!

We understand that when it comes to exchanging your future payments, you want to get the MOST MONEY!! Court Settlement Funding will give you the best offer from the start. No need to haggle or negotiate, you need the BEST OFFER NOW!!

We are purchasers of owner-financed, real estate notes from individuals and brokers in all 50 states. You can sell your note directly to us and receive cash immediately.

Cut out the middle man

When you deal with us, you’re cutting out the middle man and maximizing the amount of cash you receive. You’re dealing with the end investor.

More money in your pocket

As a bank, we enjoy a lower cost of funds than the competition which results in more money in your pocket. I’m ready to sell my note, how much is it worth?

My Florida Mortgages

Jorge is featured as a top mortgage professional in the Nationwide Mortgage Edition of Top Agent Magazine in December of 2016. Top Agent Magazine is the premier real estate magazine featuring the foremost real estate agents and mortgage professionals in the USA, Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

My strengths are analysis and numbers. This is the reason I am in the mortgage business. I use those specific characteristics to do everything possible to help each and every one of my clients get a home loan so they can buy or refinance their dream house.

It does not matter if you are a first time home buyer, buying a second or investment home, or if you are refinancing. If you need a mortgage, I will go the extra mile to try to close that loan for you.

Whether you need a 15 year fixed, a 30 year fixed, an FHA loan, a VA loan, a Jumbo loan, a 203K loan, a HARP loan, something variable or something fixed, I will always let you know where you stand based on your financial profile and then get you the best possible results in a fast and efficient manner.


Yale Realty & Capital Advisors

Founded in 2012, Yale Realty & Capital Advisors provides brokerage services and arranges financing for stabilized investment grade properties ranging from $1 million to $100 million plus in size. Our specialties include the Manufactured Housing (MH) Communities and RV Resorts industry. Since 2007, our founder James Cook has transacted nearly $500 million in sales and financing volume of MH & RV parks.

Our team is a group of ambitious and dedicated professionals with diverse business and educational backgrounds, all of whom are held to the highest standard of professionalism and ethics. From the moment you engage our team, we want you to know and see the difference.

Mr. Finance You

Making the loan process EASY!

We know how stressful life can be sometimes. Don’t worry though, Mr. Finance You has you covered! Tell us what you need, and our loan experts will get you the results quickly.

Lifestyle Wealth Group

We help people save money on taxes and interest and enjoy tax free income in retirement.

The Collegiate Connection is a student-founded company created for the benefit of both the local college student and the local community.

The Collegiate Connection will link the college student with their local community by offering students extensive money saving discounts, promote career boosting internships and provide student members future scholarships to pursue their education.

You first need to purchase The Collegiate Connection Card and in return we supply our student members with exclusive savings at hundreds of local businesses.

Many local businesses are looking to connect with area college students to offer them a resume building work experience in the form of an internship program listed exclusively through The Collegiate Connection website.

The Collegiate Connection will focus on giving back to their members a future scholarship opportunity.

You just have to be a full or part-time college student with a valid Student Identification Card. That’s it! To receive your benefits, you will present The Collegiate Connection card with your Student I.D. at participating businesses and to receive your online benefits just login with your secure I.D.

We went through it! We attended college with very few resources and financial help to succeed, hidden from the community outside the gates of our campuses. Many businesses want to help the local college students but don’t have the ability to connect with the students other than posting on campus bulletin boards very few stop to read. Our goal is for you, the student to succeed and know you have The Collegiate Connection in your corner helping you save and build success every step of the way!

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Insight Merchant Services
Carlton Wealth Management