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Search Results for Christian American citizenship


KFUM is not a religion or church.  KFUM is a Christian organization (Ecclesia) to promote God back in America. KFUM would like to educate Americans about God and Jesus Christ and what Americans can do to put God back in the heart of America. KFUM wants to put God back in America several ways:

  1. Show to the World America is a Peaceful Christian Nation.
  2. Organizing and educating Christians to understand Christian American citizenship. (Love God – Love Neighbor)
  3. Educate  individuals to support their neighbors and their local churches.
  4. Assist local Churches supporting the people in their communities instead of Americans depending on government.
  5. Educating Individuals to elect officials who will uphold biblical principles and hold them accountable.
  6. Promote Bible, Creation, Prayer and 10 Commandments back in Schools and Public Arenas.
  7. Promote Christmas and Easter back in America.
  8. Develop a Christian Education and Entertainment Center for Visitors in Orlando, FL.

Our Beliefs

KFUM believes a large majority of the founders of America were all of the Christian faith or believed in Christian values as essential for our nations well being. They individually worshipped God and Jesus Christ in different ways but they all agreed America should stand on biblical principles or America will fall. We believe that America has been slipping from that biblical faith for the past generations. Kingdom Footsteps United Ministries believes, we the people, are responsible for America.  America was established by the people, for the people. We believe each individual in America needs to step up and take responsibility for the path America is on. We believe, if left unchecked, America will fall from the blessings being received as a Christian Nation. Just as each of us as individuals can fall to our sinful nature if we are not accountable for our actions, America will also fall if left unchecked.

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