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561Media Called Shot

At the 1932 World Series, in Game 3, Babe Ruth pointed to the center field bleachers and on the very next pitch immortalized himself by hitting a home run to center field. 561Media believes that you should practice what you preach, and as such are dedicating ourselves to a first page ranking in Google for “custom website design”.

There are over 200 Million other sites competing for the keyword “custom website design” and when we began this pledge we did not rank in the first 10 pages in Google. However, careful SEO strategies, linking campaigns and dedication have moved us to page 2 in Google #18. SEO should never have guarantees, however, in this case we thought it would be a worthwhile case study if we could document our improvements. And what better way to begin the journey than with a brash, babe-ruth, shot call? So here it is folks, in black and white.

Within 5 weeks our website will be on the first page in Google for “custom website design”. Here’s a link for quick reference: search in google for “custom website design”

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