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In the realm of social networking websites and social media, 561 Media is an established force that has developed numerous successful social network websites and social networking ventures. If you want to build a social network, and you want the website to be professional, with clean code, built to your exact specifications and demands, 561 Media is where you need to be. Our social networking experts have the experience and the know-how to organize the project, avoid the common mistakes that eat up your time and budget, and deliver you a shiny social network that will absolutely exceed your expectations.

At 561 Media, we pride ourselves in being able to deliver the highest caliber work for our clients. Our attention to detail, industry experience, and dedication to perfection sets us apart from our competition in the social media and social network arena. If you need to build a social network, 561 Media is the clear choice.

From the moment we start building the jobs specifications until we hand you the keys to your new social network, your experience working with us will be a joy. We make sure we bring our clients along for the ride. Building a new social network should be a pleasurable experience from day one.

Contact us today, and let us show you just how great your next social network project can be!

Word Fencing

Word-fencing is a social media based platform that allows users to engage in the general aspect of socializing, while also providing users with the option to engage in structural coordinated debates, on an endless variety of topics and subjects.

Word-fencing presents its users with a debating platform that stands as an open forum, in which users can either socialize or debate with an opposition, an adversary, friends, family, or strangers on any specific topic or subject of their choosing.

The conceptual goal and inspirational vision of word-fencing is to create a socially universal platform in which users from all demographics can passionately, competitively, hypothetically, artistically, fanatically, resourcefully, poetically, creatively, reflectively, vividly, religiously, politically, compassionately, intellectually, theoretically, and inventively express themselves on any particular topic or subject matter that they are passionate about, or share a fervent opinion on.

CorGlo Enterprise

CorGlo Enterprise, Agent and Publicist.


Promote your career with CorGlo!

Fascination City

FascinationCity.com™ is a Social and Dating web site where you can greet and meet someone with your same interest. You can enter each catagory that will have a different interest. Our site will not match you with someone. Our site lets you find someone that likes what you like, that could talk about the same subject for hours and likes to show you pictures of accomplishments or just give you some information that you could use. Unlike other dating sites FascinationCity.com™ is specifically designed to help you find your happiness, no matter your reason for looking, whether your looking for friends who have the same interests, find friends to chat with or even looking for a relationship or date. This is the site for you.