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Mobile Application

Mobile application development is quickly becoming the wave of the future, and the major players in the game are setting themselves up now to reign supreme in that arena. If you’re serious about mobile application, you’re going to need a solid mobile application website. 561 Media can help you with custom mobile application web design to showcase your services, and help connect you with new businesses and customers looking for a mobile application developer. As the need for more and more apps continues to sky-rocket, the playing field can be leveled if you have a beautiful, professional website to indicate your strengths and give you some time in the spotlight.

561 Media specializes in the creation and development of professional, polished websites that will help you gain a leg up on your competition. Let our experts develop a custom mobile application website for your business today!

911 Buddy

It’s unthinkable that you would leave a loved one to go to the Emergency Room alone, if you could be there. So why do we let our most vulnerable family members and friends fend for themselves when it comes to calling 911? Because until now we could not be there.


  • People in distress don’t always think to call 911 first. Often they call someone they trust. With 911Buddy™ you become the bridge that can save the lives of those you care about most.
  • The more information an 911 operator has about an emergency the more quickly and effectively they can solve the problem 911Buddy™ is pre-programmed to give you the correct responses for the operator.
  • If your family member is unable to communicate effectively, 911Buddy™ will help you interpret their needs for the operator.
  • By allowing you to be on the phone with both your loved one and the operator, you will provide a much needed calming presence.