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Pinnacle Claim Services, Inc. was founded for one reason: to support you, the policyholder. More often than not, insurance companies will take advantage of policyholders who are unaware of their rights. Fortunately, Pinnacle will make things right and our primary purpose is to ensure your best interests are protected.

Pinnacle Claim Services’ mission is to achieve the most favorable outcome possible for each and every insurance claim, whether it’s water damage, fire, flood, leaking roof, drain back-ups, vandalism or any other type of claim-We pledge to always perform with the highest of standards and professionalism.

Pinnacle Claim Services, Inc. depends on our own in house team of highly experienced adjusters. At the same time, our supervisors monitor the overall progress of every claim assignment in order to ensure the maximum efficiency and the highest customer satisfaction possible.

When damage to your home or business requires that you file an insurance claim, don’t face the insurance carrier alone.

Our certified team of public adjusters, engineers, contractors, attorneys, and support staff is here to help you from the moment you contact us until your property is restored to its pre-damage condition.

We ensure your claim is handled professionally and timely so that you receive the settlement to which you are entitled, not what the insurance company thinks you deserve.