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Southern Connections

Boca Raton, FL United States
Southern Connections Consulting & Management provides investors from around the globe the opportunity to make high quality, stable investments in beef raising facilities in South America.For current and future owners of fertile farmland in Paraguay and Uruguay we offer the framework that allows investors to benefit greatly from producing beef on their land.We source the right properties for potential investors in collaboration with various estate agents and offer a complete package, including legal advice, and notary services, accounting advice and bookkeeping, banking services etc. as well as the full management of highly productive cattle farms.Therefore, investors have the advantage to benefit both from attractive yields on land utilization as well as potential capital gains on fully managed farmland.
The management of each property is executed by highly qualified local talent with close supervision by the Southern Connections management team.
With volatile equity markets, low yields in bond markets and significant uncertainty in real estate markets, Southern Connections offers the opportunity to apply capital in a safe and attractive alternative form of investment.
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