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Hyperion Billing Solutions

Boca Raton, FL United States

Hyperion is a professional medical billing and claims processing company based in Boca Raton, Florida. Hyperion provides medical billing and processing services to hospitals, healthcare providers, and healthcare facilities throughout the United States. Bringing together the most innovative technology with experienced, accredited staff members, Hyperion provides the ideal combination to process and manage medical billing with accuracy, efficiency and transparency. With attention to detail, clinical expertise, and persistence, Hyperion helps healthcare providers achieve the highest levels of reimbursement with a quick turnaround. Outsourcing medical billing to Hyperion is the stress free way to reduce overhead costs, free up staff time to focus on patients, and maximize claim revenues.

Unfortunately, we do not have a testimonial from this client. This could be one of several reasons:
  1. The client was so overwhelmed by the finished product, and the consequent improvement to their business, they have not had time to provide us with a testimonial.
  2. The client provided a testimonial, however, in their enthusiasm used profanity to describe our services.
  3. The client took the old adage “words can’t describe” too literally.
  4. The testimonial was illegible from tears of joy.
  5. The word “love” was used more than 10 times.
  6. The client believed we were too good to be true and dismissed their entire experience at 561Media as a dream.
  7. We had to take a restraining order against the client for excessive, effusive appreciation and cannot violate a gag order.
  8. The client didn’t speak English – (we don’t know what “lo mejor” or “ausgezeichnet” means).
  9. A 300 page testimonial seems overkill.
  10. We thought this was funnier than the client’s testimonial.

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