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F.A.M.E Food, Art, Music Exploration

Boca Raton, FL United States
Food, Art and Music Explorations’ mission is to bring chefs, food lovers, artists, musicians and art lovers together to share information, techniques and best practices and build friendships. This is done through coordinating travel between both countries – in both directions – to facilitate two-way learning; as well as jointly producing studies and publications about issues related to culture and culinary.
Food, Art and Music Explorations is devoted to organizing programs to promote cultural and educational exchange and people-to-people contact between the people of the United States and Cuba. We believe that the people of the United States and Cuba have much to learn from each other and meaningful exchanges that foster dialogue can be highly beneficial to strengthening civil society in both countries. Furthermore, the cultural and culinary ties shared by the U.S. and Cuba date back hundreds of years and exchanges that focus on music, art and gastronomy allow people in both countries to learn from each other. Most importantly, increased travel between the two countries and people-to-people contact will strengthen ties between ordinary Americans and Cubans, using food, drinks, music and art to break barriers.
Unfortunately, we do not have a testimonial from this client. This could be one of several reasons:
  1. The client was so overwhelmed by the finished product, and the consequent improvement to their business, they have not had time to provide us with a testimonial.
  2. The client provided a testimonial, however, in their enthusiasm used profanity to describe our services.
  3. The client took the old adage “words can’t describe” too literally.
  4. The testimonial was illegible from tears of joy.
  5. The word “love” was used more than 10 times.
  6. The client believed we were too good to be true and dismissed their entire experience at 561Media as a dream.
  7. We had to take a restraining order against the client for excessive, effusive appreciation and cannot violate a gag order.
  8. The client didn’t speak English – (we don’t know what “lo mejor” or “ausgezeichnet” means).
  9. A 300 page testimonial seems overkill.
  10. We thought this was funnier than the client’s testimonial.

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