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Altair Training Solutions…The Only Solution!

Theoretically, you want to rest assured knowing that your local law enforcement organization has been doing their due diligence when it comes to training for crisis response or utilizing new technology to protect themselves and the public.  That goes for the federal military just as well.  Fortunately, the incredible people at Altair Training Solutions have…well…the solution!

As once a high-security Florida state prison, the foundation is perfect to accommodate all types of scenarios.  With over 1,100 acres at their disposal including a 2 mile sniper range.   Altair Training Solutions can custom tailor a program to fit your groups needs.  That with a level of service and care that is unmatched, it’s a no-brainer and when you visit the compound, you will see why.

There are virtually no limits to what a military or law enforcement group can use the facility for.  From testing weapons, vehicles, new technology, you name it.  There is no cap on how loud you can be.  The privacy and seclusion you have does not put the neighbors at risk, and the police won’t show up to tell you to keep it down (mainly because they will be there training themselves!)

561Media.com recently partnered up with Altair Training Solutions regarding a redesign of their website.  We spent a day at their facility getting a tour and being absolutely fascinated by what they have to offer.

Want to see some of the photos we took?

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